Rack-operated SJM jack

Rack-operated SJM jack is referred to the economy class equipment and possesses a simpler design relative to SJ type. SJM jack is equipped with ratchet-wheel arresting gear working in lifting mode only. After cargo lifting, supports should be placed under the cargo, which is to be followed by transfer of the ratchet pawl to neutral position and lowering o the jack pad. SJM jacks are designed for operations not involving cargo lowering with the jack. Operation is allowed both in vertical and horizontal planes. Rack-operated JM jack manufactured by TOR Industries complies with quality requirements of Directive 2006/42/EC on Machinery Factsheet for Machinery and has CE certificate.


Rated load, t Rack stroke, mm Pick-up height, mm
Paw pick height, mm Weight, kg
SJM 5,0 200 530 60 17
SJM 10,0 250 640 70 29
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