Rack-operated Hi-Jack

Rack-operated Hi-Jack is a multipurpose load-handling device. The Hi-Jack differs in design from the majority of rack-operated jacks. In order to perform cargo lifting/lowering operations with Hi-Jack, oscillating movements of the lever are required, whereas in majority of the rack-operated jacks handle rotation is performed. Hi Jacks' are distinguished for significantly greater rack travel. Operation is allowed both in vertical and horizontal planes. Rack-operated Hi Jack manufactured by TOR Industries complies with quality requirements of Directive 2006/42/EC on Machinery Factsheet for Machinery and has CE certificate.


Rated load, t Lifting height, mm   Pick-up height, mm Weight, kg
HI-JACK 20" 3,0 270 110 12
HI-JACK 33" 3,0 565 110 12
HI-JACK 48" 3,0 940 110 13
HI-JACK 60" 3,0 1240 110 14
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