The mechanical girder clamp LJ-Q

The mechanical girder clamp LJ-Q is used for attaching of double T-section on the beam. The clamp securing to the beam is performed with the inbuilt clamping device. The clamp is used for both, the beam's lifting, relocation and securing to the beam different load-handling equipment. The beam mechanical clamps comply with quality requirements of Directive 2006/42/EC on Machinery Factsheet for Machinery and have CE certificate.


Type Rated load, t Beam, mm Weight, kg
LJ-Q 1,0 75-230 3,50
LJ-Q 2,0 75-230 4,50
LJ-Q 3,0 80-320 5,70
LJ-Q 5,0 90-320 6,60
LJ-Q 10,0 90-320 15,00
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