МНС Hydraulic Jack

MHC Hydraulic Jacks are an improved version of the hydraulic jacks of the bottle structure. MHC Hydraulic Jack is equipped with an additional cargo-handling device (arm), which allows picking up the cargo from a height of 25 mm (depending on load-carrying capacity). Recommended for use at facilities with low and medium working intensity. Lifting of cargo is carried out by pendulum movements of the lever. To be used only in upright position.

Advantages: two operating platforms (top and bottom); the lever attachment equipped with a swinging mechanism (allows the operator to take the most advantageous position); high accuracy of cargo positioning; high reliability; smoothness of the lifting; equipping with a back-moving spring (facilitates lowering of the operating platform without load); affordable price.

MHC Hydraulic Jack manufactured by TOR Industries is in compliance with the Directive 2006/42 / EC on Machinery Factsheet for Machinery and have CE certificates.


Item Load-carrying capacity, t  Platform operating range, mm Arm operating range, mm Weight, kg Shipping dimensions, mm
1001044 5 280-417 25-162 23 330*265*370
1001045 10 320-457 25-162 34 315*255*350
1001046 15 350-487 35-172 50 340*280*370
1001047 25 355-500 40-177 75 375*325*380
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