Manual drum-type JHW winch

Manual drum-type JHW winch is a powerful, multipurpose winch for industrial applications. Advantages: high reliability and performance, drum rope capacity - 40 m, Carrying capacity up to 3 tons, operates both in handle rotation mode and in oscillation mode, equipped with frictional braking mechanism (hoisting and lowering), the reduction gear is fully covered with protective housing, high-quality materials, excellent workmanship, originally equipped with a 40 m long rope. Recommended for use in industrial facilities with middle and high intensity of operation. Manual drum-type JHW winches manufactured by TOR Industries complies with quality requirements of Directive 2006/42/EC on Machinery Factsheet for Machinery and have CE certificate.


Rated load, t Rope length, m
Rope diameter, mm
Transmission type
Rope completing
Weight, kg
JHW 0,5 40 5,5 gear
Yes 15,00
JHW 1,0 40 8,0 gear
JHW 2,0 40 9,0 gear
JHW 3,0 40 12,5 gear Yes
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