Manual drum-type Dina winch

Manual drum-type Dina winch is a reliable multipurpose winch for industrial application designed for tractional loads up to 0.5 ton. Advantages: high reliability, equipped with a cable layer, drum rope capacity - 40 m (Dina-2), adjustable handle lever, equipped with frictional braking mechanism (hoisting and lowering), quality materials, excellent workmanship, originally equipped with a 40 m long rope (Dina-2), ability to change the rope output location. Manual drum-type Dina and Dina-2 winches manufactured by TOR Industries comply with quality requirements of Directive 2006/42/EC on Machinery Factsheet for Machinery and have CE certificate.


Model Rated load, t
Rope length, m Rope diameter, mm Transmission type
Rope completing
Weight, kg
Dina 0,25 10 4,0 gear Yes 5,2
Dina-2 0,50 40 5,5 gear
yes 28,0
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