TOR INDUSTRIES warranty obligations

The warranty is provided in accordance with the following terms and conditions by free-of-charge elimination of defects in equipment during the specified warranty period. Warranty obligations extend to complaints caused by faults identified in the course of use of component materials or equipment assembly.

Duration of the warranty period for TOR INDUSTRIES products is specified in the product data sheet in the Warranty Obligations section.

For equipment included in the advanced warranty list, it is possible to extend the warranty for the period specified in the list.

To obtain the advanced warranty, the owner of equipment should register its equipment on the TOR INDUSTRIES website within 60 days from the date of purchase.


Warranty period for use of individual parts or components of equipment may differ from the general warranty period provided for equipment. Registration of the advanced warranty is only available on the website in the Service section. Confirmation of the advanced warranty is the Warranty Certificate.

The Warranty Certificate is valid only accompanied by a purchase document: a consignment or a cash receipt.

  • Parts subject to operation wear and other types of natural wear and tear, as well as equipment malfunction caused by these types of wear.
  • Consumables, such as clamping pads of a Traction mounting mechanisms, rope for winches and hoists.

  • Equipment malfunctions caused by non-compliance with operating instructions or resulting from inappropriate use of equipment, during use under abnormal environmental conditions, inadequate operating conditions, due to overloads or insufficient, inadequate maintenance or handling.
  • Use of equipment of the household class in conditions of high intensity of work and heavy loads.
  • Preventive service and maintenance of equipment, for example: lubrication, washing.
  • Mechanical damages (cracks, chips, etc.), as well as damage caused by exposure to corrosive media, high humidity and high temperatures, intrusion of foreign objects into ventilation openings of electrical equipment, and damage caused by improper storage and corrosion of metal parts.
  • Equipment, design of which were modified.
  • Warranty complaints are accepted during the warranty period. To do this, ask the trading organization, where you have purchased equipment, to provide a complaint form and instructions for filing a complaint.
  • In the case of the advanced warranty, the Advanced Warranty Certificate should be attached to the complaint.
  • Equipment, sent to a dealer or to a service center disassembled in part or in full, is not subject to the warranty. All risks associated with transfer of equipment to a dealer or to a service center are borne by the equipment owner.
  • Claims, other than the right for free elimination of equipment faults, are not covered by the warranty.
  • After repair under the terms and conditions of the advanced warranty, the advanced warranty period of equipment is not extended or renewed.