TOR INDUSTRIES sells its products through its authorized representatives.

TOR INDUSTRIES can be represented by a company (which includes an Internet project) that meets the following criteria:

1.    Company is engaged in wholesale supplies or retail sales and has a regular turnover in one of the areas listed below: 

 промышленное оборудование Industrial equipment  Строительное оборудование   Building equipment    Складская техника    Warehouse machinery
 Такелаж и оснастка Rigging and fixtures Крепеж
Fasteners  Электрический инструмент Tools
 Дорожная техника   Road-building machinery  Автомобильные товары Automobile goods    

 2.    Сompany is ready to offer the TOR brand products on its selling spaces, and in the case of carrying out trading activities via Internet projects, place information on TOR products on its website, according to the recommendations of TOR INDUSTRIES LIMITED.

 Authorized representative of TOR INDUSTRIES is provided with:

Сотрудничество - Официальный сайт «TOR» -англ язык.jpg

Detailed conditions of the Agreement of Representation are sent to the candidate company after consideration of the preliminary application.

 To become a representative of TOR INDUSTRIES in your region, submit an application for registration.